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In the 21 st century, yoga is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle and a great addition to other physical activities. You will feel refreshed, re-energized, and stress-free after every class! We understand that joining a hot yoga class, for the first time, can be a bit intimidating so we’ve create a list of things to expect when you are here. We would like to support you, in any way we can, to make your first hot yoga experience a great one.

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  • Preparing for Class Have your last meal at least 2 – 3 hours prior to class
  • Drink lots of water before class (at least a liter)
  • Try to arrive 30 minutes early, so that you can enter the hot yoga room and climatize for 10-15 minutes before class. (There is no entrance 5 minutes before
    the session).
  • Please wear light and comfortable clothes in which you can move and breathe
  • Bring two towels, one for the workout and one for the shower. In case you forget to bring your own, you can borrow one of ours for a small lending fee.
  • To use a locker, you can bring a lock or we can provide one for you.
  • The hot yoga room serves as a place where everyone can feel completely relaxed. Please preserve discretion and do not have loud conversations and please no mobile phones. You should only focus on yourself and your body during the 90 minutes.
  • We practice barefoot, but you are welcome to bring flip-flops or slippers to walk from the changing room to the training room. In our studio, we want you to feel at home.
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Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear your feedback about YogaFit! Please fill out the fields below and help us become better


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