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Yoga is a crucial element for a healthy lifestyle and is a great addition to other sports and activities. You will increase your mental and physical well-being with every class you take. At JIVA, we offer a variety of hot yoga styles, with several different yoga sequences, in a heated room (40°C) for 60-90 minutes.

Our diverse program allows you the opportunity to train your entire body and enables you to the flexibility to add hot yoga to your lifestyle. To ensure you can come take a class whenever you like, we offer complimentary parking spaces, in studio yoga mats, and personal hand towels. In our fully equipped changing rooms you will find state of the art showers, personal lockers, complimentary toiletries, hair products and dryers. Since we want your visit to be as relaxed as possible, we also offer several hydrating beverages for purchase, as well as large (mat-size) towels for a small rental fee.

JIVA’s variety of classes are challenging for both beginners and advanced students alike.

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