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Hot Yoga 90
A very popular sequence of up to 40 different Hatha Yoga postures (Asanas) consisting of standing positions, balancing positions and sitting positions. The temperature is set to sweaty 38-40°C. It is a perfect way to strengthen and lengthen your muscles and to increase the fat-burning process throughout the body. This class is appropriate and challenging for both beginners and advanced learners.

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Hot Fusion
This is our new sequence consisting of a combination of flowing postures (Asanas) as well as static ones taught in 38-40°C room. This sequence is perfect for improving your flexibility since your body will warm up during the first flowing postures. Furthermore, you will also increase the fat-burning process. The teacher will lead you through flowing standing positions as well as through balancing and sitting positions. This class is appropriate and challenging for both beginners and advanced learners.

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Early Bird oder auch Hot Yoga 60
This class is similar to the regular Hot Yoga 90 class, just condensed to 60 minutes. Thus, it is perfect for people who are very busy, but still want to practice regularly. To participate in this session, please sign our registration form or contact us in the studio.

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Flow 90
This class is a Vinyasa Yoga style held in a 30° C room. The teacher leads you from one posture to the next. It is a dynamic and physically challenging class.

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Flow 60
Ein dynamischer und herausfordernder Kurs in der kompakten Version seines großen Bruders FLOW 90, vom Schwierigkeitsgrad her auf selber Ebene. Du wirst mit fließenden Asanas durch diese Klasse geführt und trainierst dabei nahezu jeden Muskel Deines Körpers. Entwickel Dich weiter und arbeite an Deiner Technik, die 60 Minuten werden bei ~33° völlig ausreichend für einen optimalen Trainingseffekt sein. Für Anfänger wie Fortgeschrittene geeignet.